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Letting Go

My pastor told the story of a man falling off a cliff and grabbing a branch. As he held on for dear life, the man cried out to God, and God said, “Trust me. Let go.” I’m not sure how the story turned out,… Continue Reading “Letting Go”

The Way

Almost every morning of quarantine I awake singing, “… Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the Darkness. My God, that is who you are.” As we take baby steps to move out into the world again, it surprises me how quickly I… Continue Reading “The Way”

Prince of Peace

Jesus, Prince of Peace. It’s hard to find peace these days. Most mornings I have to ask myself what day it is. I think about how to get the things I need and consider if I really NEED them or not. Some moments are… Continue Reading “Prince of Peace”

Giving Thanks for Who I Am

It’s one of those busy days in the shop. I have lots to do and just when I get focused something draws me away. A phone call here, a request for help there, an email to send, facebook posts to make. My to do… Continue Reading “Giving Thanks for Who I Am”

A Recipe’s Story

It was an ordinary Sunday morning in the Spring of 2012. I was moving through the commons area of our church when he flagged me down. “Get some paper and pen,” he said. No need to argue with him. He had that I’m-up-to-something twinkle… Continue Reading “A Recipe’s Story”

At my best, dare I say it… I’m mediocre.

As the conversation about faith and parenting comes to a close my sweet friend says, “On my best day, I’m a mediocre parent.” A matter of fact statement said with love and acceptance I can’t quite fathom. Mediocre. I loath the word. Because I’m… Continue Reading “At my best, dare I say it… I’m mediocre.”

This Side of the Dress

She slips her hands into the pockets with a grin. “I wish I could wear it around for a while. I love it!” In a flash, I’m transported back. … to the moment I  thought the same thing about my own dress. … to the… Continue Reading “This Side of the Dress”

What I learned when the air conditioning died…

Texas heat cannot be understood through words or description. For full effect it must be experienced. If you’ve ever lived here, you know where I’m coming from. If you haven’t, there are not enough synonyms for the hellish hot of a Texas heat wave… Continue Reading “What I learned when the air conditioning died…”

Holding Fear

When I told her I went from holding the tiny humming bird a few weeks ago to holding a snake today, she told me I needed meds. I laughed at my lifelong friend’s words, “Your farming thing is getting out of hand!” It began… Continue Reading “Holding Fear”

Unlikely Pair

She sent the picture and I sigh, “I remember when he was the little one.” I smile when I think of his first word. Not mama or dada but “BALL!” I can still smell his play outside all day self and see him launch… Continue Reading “Unlikely Pair”