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This Side of the Dress

She slips her hands into the pockets with a grin. “I wish I could wear it around for a while. I love it!” In a flash, I’m transported back. … to the moment I  thought the same thing about my own dress. … to the… Continue Reading “This Side of the Dress”

What I learned when the air conditioning died…

Texas heat cannot be understood through words or description. For full effect it must be experienced. If you’ve ever lived here, you know where I’m coming from. If you haven’t, there are not enough synonyms for the hellish hot of a Texas heat wave… Continue Reading “What I learned when the air conditioning died…”

Holding Fear

When I told her I went from holding the tiny humming bird a few weeks ago to holding a snake today, she told me I needed meds. I laughed at my lifelong friend’s words, “Your farming thing is getting out of hand!” It began… Continue Reading “Holding Fear”

Unlikely Pair

She sent the picture and I sigh, “I remember when he was the little one.” I smile when I think of his first word. Not mama or dada but “BALL!” I can still smell his play outside all day self and see him launch… Continue Reading “Unlikely Pair”

Wearing Work

‘Round here I say, “The boys wear their work.” Dirt, grime, and grease mixed with heat wave sweat smear clothes and faces. They leave freshly laundered only to return home coated with the work of the day. This Texas summer has draggin’ knuckle tired… Continue Reading “Wearing Work”

You’ll See…

I’m not sure what draws a hummingbird into a big red building. Maybe it’s the color of the tin or some brilliant sparkle inside. Maybe it’s by accident or because it didn’t see it coming. Or maybe… providence? However the bird ended up there… Continue Reading “You’ll See…”

Forgetful Joy

“She didn’t remember me today, but there was a moment I saw a spark in her eyes,” my cousin tells me as we enjoy the graduation lunch. I wonder what my visit will hold. Will she remember because she hasn’t known who I am… Continue Reading “Forgetful Joy”

Dreaming again…

I pass through the kitchen as he opens the microwave to warm up a snack, and the coversation begins. I’m not sure why my middle child’s best time for conversation is ten minutes before I fall into bed, but I’ll take it. I listen… Continue Reading “Dreaming again…”

Racing to Unfold Enough

It’s apparent he outweighs her by hundreds of pounds as she stands there, straw hat tipped toward the ground as if she’s praying. With her hand resting on his neck, they wait for the signal to go. They’re quite a pair. He’s all quivering… Continue Reading “Racing to Unfold Enough”

Yep, I’m a scaredy cat!

So this… I’ve had this fear creeping up for a few years now. I can’t tell you where it started or why. I’ve had no bad experience… no trauma. But every time we drive over tall ramps, especially if they curve, my heart jumps… Continue Reading “Yep, I’m a scaredy cat!”