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He made a way…

The preacher asked the question Sunday.Are you closer to God today than you were on the first Sunday of January last year?I wanted to shout yes, nod my head or something…but am I? Am I closer to God? Do I pray more today than… Continue Reading “He made a way…”

The key to surviving the next three days.

No alarm needed this morning because there is much to be done and its not gonna happen from under the covers. So as my mom says…Rise and Shine! I stand over meat sizzling in the skillet and the drier tumbles clothes softly in the… Continue Reading “The key to surviving the next three days.”


When you’re planning a birthday party you need supplies…plates, ¬†napkins, party hats. My oldest niece and I stroll through the party supplies grabbing streamers and signs. We decide on a color scheme, toss everything into the cart and head to the check out. The… Continue Reading “Remember…”

Fleece Navidad…or something like that.

We giggled at the embroidery design of the Christmas sheep. We have this quirky since of humor at times and the my friend loves sheep. So I couldn’t help myself when I scroll through and this image is there on my screen. I sent… Continue Reading “Fleece Navidad…or something like that.”

Let’s dance…

Driving two teenage boys to school is mostly a quiet adventure. I ask a few questions and they grunt yes or no. Two miles down the road I usually give up and turn on the music. But not this morning. We talk hunting and… Continue Reading “Let’s dance…”

Perfect geneaology…no, not quite.

The first words of the New Testament, before Mary’s pregnancy and Joseph’s angel dream. Before the traveling of Magi and the escape to Egypt there is a geneaology. A long list of people marking the generations from Abraham to Joseph, the husband of Mary.… Continue Reading “Perfect geneaology…no, not quite.”

Letting go…

It’s just another ordinary day. I get up, wait for coffee to drip and send the youngest off to school. I read, make the bed, all the while lifting up prayers for those who come to mind. There’s nothing special about it, no major… Continue Reading “Letting go…”

Faith and Laughter

There she stands in the shadows listening. What the visitors have to say is well…funny. Who in their right mind would or could have a child at her age? She couldn’t help herself. She. Laughed. But the Lord always, always does what He says… Continue Reading “Faith and Laughter”

Some seasons you "just keep swimmin".

Let me just warn you right now this might ruin the movie for you. So if you haven’t seen Finding Dory this is your spoiler alert! A few weeks ago the family hopped into the truck and headed to the movies because we were… Continue Reading “Some seasons you "just keep swimmin".”

Join me where it all began…

This blogging thing all started when I wanted to give parents a glimpse of their children at summer camp. I created the blog… informed parents… and started writing. I had no idea at the time blogging would become more than just a way to… Continue Reading “Join me where it all began…”